15 June 2012

This Summer

Unfortunately, this summer i wont be getting a job, as im babysitting my for mother half of the time and ive got holidays booked and other things everywhere, it would be so hard for me to get a job, so ive decided to give up on that idea, and just craft my summer away, attend a few craft fairs and work towards my big event of the year, Art on the Prom, in september.

We drove back to Nottingham to collect the lastof my crap from my student halls. 

My products in the NTU shop, Made. 

End of Year University Presentations

I have not blogged in SO LONG! I'll do a few summary posts then try to keep up over summer. I was hoping to blog at the end of every week but so much is going on with my creativity and crafts that i might have to do it every other day, to keep me sane and to keep me organised!! 

Here are my end of year presentations for Glass, Ceramics, Embroidery and Metal. Everything is set up in our own studio spaces. I dont know what my grade is yet because my tutor hasnt emailed me. Im too busy to care right now!! But i liked my presentations.. so here you are :)

Glass & Ceramics Presentation. 

Embroidery & Metal Presentations.

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