11 December 2010

London City

London Underground - Sept 2010
 Off to London in six hours (i should really go to sleep). i am taking a sketchbook and ive got lots of good ideas to little projects to do in the day when we are on the move, and for when we stay at our hotel tomorrow night. Todays drawing class inspired me.. Ill scan the pictures in if they turn out well! :)

Bauhaus inspired..

We had to paint onto T-Shirts for visual studies today.. i didnt want my face in it. better photo to come!

The drawing studio today.. i do like projects like these

Landguard fort, Felixstowe. Took this a few weeks back

Just a few general updates, what im getting upto recently :D

choosing universities and courses

is really quite hard! these are all my prospectus' from the ucas art and design open event


i tried to create wors with wax so that the glaze resisted the letters.. it worked here but when it was fired again it didnt work. It said 'They sailed away for a year and a day' around the top :)

Applying the paint, wax, slip and glaze

my finished pot. Featured circles: 'they took some honey and plenty of money' and 'The owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar'

I recently took part in a three day ceramics and glass workshop. I chose to work with clay because i had never really worked with it before..
We had to create something that shows or illustrates any of Edward Lear's poems/limericks. I chose the owl and the pussycat and i made this cute little bowl. The little circles show the story.. i painted them with slip before it was fired, dryed it and drew in the design. then painted carefully with a dark colour, then rubbed it all off so it stayed in the gaps.. fired it.. applied wax so that the glaze resisted.. and dipped it in a green and honey glaze! it really was purely an experiement but i think it worked really well and my bowl now sits in my lounge collecting buttons and safety pins and that sort of stuff :P

6 December 2010

Contextual Studies Essay - Assessment task 2: Conceptualising your own work

Louise Richardson
Assessment task 2: Conceptualising your own work
Tutor name: Malcolm Moseley

In this essay I intend to show the ways Henry Moore has influenced me in my current work. Henry Moore is a sculptor, but in the second world war he was unable to made large sculptures, so instead  made a series of drawings that are today collectively called ‘Henry Moore Shelter Drawings’. They documented life in the London Underground travel system, where people safely took refuge during bombings. The image above is just one of his many famous drawings. As you can see it is very mixed media and combines a lot of very dark and very light parts. I think Moore has used items that are available to him at the time, wax from candles and coal, to create these images. I think he has made this obvious in his work, as there is no real detailing or very fine line. Most parts are smudged or done roughly.

It is the mixed media part of Henry Moore’s shelter drawings that interests me the most, I like the idea of using paint, charcoal, wax resist and other materials in one drawing as it adds texture and character. It can be used unevenly and quickly to illustrate a rough texture or can be used subtlety and softly to show more light or shadow upon a surface in some places more than others.

I could take inspiration of Henry Moore’s work into any of my favourite ways of working; Ceramics, Printmaking, Textiles and Painting especially, as shown in my image above. I have used wax crayons, oil pastels and watercolour in the drawing to create a resist effect, to show the wooden and rough texture of the table, and where the light shined more on certain parts of the wood. I left the leaves in oil pastels to keep them clean and crisp as they were in real life. I have also used a white crayon to highlight the chair leg , and darker to show the shadowing, and then I have gone over with a watercolour grey so that it shows up the actual colour of the metal in between the crayon parts, but still giving little rough dots of colour on the wax where it hasn’t resisted as well. My drawing was made 25.11.10, just a few weeks into my foundation course.

Another feature of Henry Moore’s shelter drawings is that he did not actually complete any of these in the shelters themselves, instead he observed the shelters for a short while, and then went home and draw from memory, which may explain why his drawings seem so rough and abstract. An advantage of using mixed media, especially wax resist and watercolour paints, as that you can built up layers of texture and preserve certain parts of a piece of work with wax and then go over in a different colour. I definitely want to experiment more with this way of working, in both 2D works such as drawings and paintings, and 3D work such as ceramics.

Word count: 508

18 November 2010

Photography Workshop

Conceptual Photography; Everyday routine
My photography project is based around my daily routine. There is no human presence in my photographs because I want to show the objects I use daily, and the fact that many of the things I rely on each and everyday are relied on by other people too. This includes buses, showers, food & drink, and even a warm bed to sleep and dream in at night.
I was very inspired by some fairytale-like photography so I made my photographs my own by adding an ‘Alice in wonderland’ feel, using tags throughout my day to show how I use and interact with each object.
My work is specific to my personal daily routine but most things should feature in many other peoples too.

One Hundred Tasks

We have a christmas project.. 100 tasks. its going to be very hard work, but its going to be so much fun! heres a taste (no pun intended) of exciting things to come!!

17 November 2010


Photography deadline tomorrow, im excited to make my project work and come to life! here are just a few things ive been doing at college in the past week!
The top picture is Jeremy Kyle 'Loving the ugly people' my final project for my three day print workshop, im happy with it! our theme was love the ugly people and i just think its funny how jeremy kyle tells familys with about four and a half teeth between them that they are beautiful. I also did one on plastic surgery and people that take plastic to the extreme and i titled that one plastic fantastic/pretty ugly :) pictures will be up soon, they are currently drying! peace xo

14 November 2010

Ipswich Marina

just arty things :)

i bought a tracer JR and ive just been going projection crazy! just a snippet of my diary if anyones interested lol!


thingy at the marina

i finally found the long exposure setting on my mums camera haha!


Recently we started a new photography project where we had to create a peice of Conceptual Photgraphy so basicly something with a meaning, well ive done quite a few ideas and my favourite at the moment is one in an alice in wonderland tag style.. strange i know! this artist i saw in a magazine made up all these little cute tags saying things like 'open me' on doors around his house and stuff and im taking the same idea but taking it around for my daily routine, so here are a few tasters of what i have in mind. they are all draft ideas and i wont use any of these in my final peice, ill take some much better ones!

5 November 2010

Response to the Marina Ipswich with limited resources

SO todays friday project: The marina. usually quite fun as we find somewhere to sit as a group and just sit and draw. And passers by seem interested in our drawings. Well.. we made a few and then developed them back in the drawing studio into little collages. i really didnt want to cut mine up but i was brave and eventually did it! i actually like the results so im putting them on my blog :) Its based around 'Bistro on the Quay' as shown below here! we didnt sit in we just sat outside and drew it :D I liked the gate on the window of the second floor and the circular window too so thats why there is lots of grids and circles in my work!

The Sublime

So our friday research drawing project this time round was the create a response to the theme of 'The Sublime'. I decided to go down the unpleasant route as always, and im doing fear, hatred etc and im proably going to develop my ideas into a violence project, maybe a little book of illustraions :/ im not really sure. This was a quick drawing in my book about domestic violence.

2 November 2010

Assessment task: Visual analysis October 2010

Contextual Studies
Assessment task: Visual analysis
Comparing Hans Bellmer La Poupe and Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still

Cindy Sherman created a number of ‘untitled film stills’ for which there was no actual film. Most of these images were black and white, and featured herself as the model in many classic Hollywood movie situations. She began using mannequins in her work later on, as this piece is from 1993. She used the female mannequin to show and often exaggerate our obsession with self image, which I feel she has done well in this picture.

Both artists have used the female form in their artwork, but strangely enough they have decided not to use an actual person for a model, but to use mannequins. I think this says a lot because it shows how we treat our bodies, as women.. Mannequins are lifeless yet they are made to be shaped and manipulated into whatever people want them to be, they will wear whatever the window dresser in shops decides, they will sit in positions that they are shaped to sit in etc. I think it’s making a link to the way women are portrayed in society that they care too much about what other people think of them.

This is especially shown in Cindy Sherman’s work as the face of the female is heavily made-up and her hair has been styled. The artist has made a point of the object being a doll by leaving the artificial joins of the shoulders, elbows etc visible. The mannequin appears to be wearing no clothes, and there is an empty chamber in her chest revealing another heavily made up dolls face. I feel this represents how much women change the way they portray themselves, and often lock away deep inside who they really are and show something entirely different.

Hans Bellmer’s work shows the same sort of points by deliberately showing the joins of the model, and he has even gone one step further and the woman is not wearing any clothes at all, other than shoes and socks, which personally remind me of the types of small shoes that you found on dolls made over ten years ago. He has also decided not to include a face. This is a running theme throughout a lot of his work, I think it says the same sort of things that Sherman’s work does, as her face is wearing heavy makeup, covering her natural self, and this mannequin has no face at all, showing that we maybe just like showing our bodies off and would rather not show our face at all.
Both artworks contain specific elements of manmade things, for example in Sherman’s work there is a ‘set’ behind her, almost like the dressing for a window, with lights and heavy shadowing, whereas Bellmers work is set in a natural environment, a forest, however a human is present behind a tree in the background, perhaps and onlooker representing the Nazis or the general population, as he actually created these dolls the oppose the fascism of the Nazi party at the time. Bellmer’s work was eventually classed Degenerate by the Nazi party and he had to flee Germany for France.
Words: 535

30 October 2010

Mixed Media

'Hope - Devil Sold His Soul' album cover copy
Henry Moore Shelter Drawing copy.. i love these!

Rope and Chains from Felixstowe Ferry

Monoprint of a woman on a chair

 Mixed media. i need to experiement a bit more, i forget how much i love it

So this week i went to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.. and these are the waltzers! i love the waltzers. theyre probably my favourite because theyre just eveyrwhere, every theme park you go to. i love the design on the side of the carts do. might do some close ups. but i love the way the whole thing of just looks so tacky and they dont hide the fact that the ride can litrally fold up at the end of the night. cool!

29 October 2010

Morbid, but i freakin love it. look at the cute little bird and all the lino marks that havnt been quite cut out.. inspired!
(just want to confirm i didnt make this, just love it!)

27 October 2010

Ceramics and Glass

Just some stuff i made  Ceramics and Glass workshop. The first picture is of a bowl thingy i made and its supposed to show the story of the owl and pussycat on the little circles round the side.. Round the top it should say "They sailed away for a year and a day".. i did this in wax and then dipped it in Honey glaze so i litrally have no idea how it will turn out. the base glaze is green, and the wax from the circles and the writing will (hopefully) resist the glaze when it is being fired! i have no idea how it will turn out! and the little cup thing next to it was just me playing with clay and glazes etc. Both the bowl and the cup have little bits of glass in the bottom which will melt and make a cool pattern in the bottom :) These are both really just experiments because ive never worked with kiln clay or glass before :)

This picutre here is just me playing with the glass really, The idea is you make a little ornament or hanging thingy and you just sandwich your design between two peices of cheap glass.. as shown! on the inside is various bits of wire, tiny glass shards, large glass peices and just other stuff thats allowed through the glass kiln. The whole thing melts and the top and bottom peices of glass make a nice smooth base and top for the design. The melting nature of the kiln process will make my design out of place but i dont really mind as its not meant to be anything!

26 October 2010

Product Design Textiles

So today my mum painted my hair a different colour. this counts, right?!?! no. But for my blog entry today i will show you a chair design and the cardboard prototype i made for Product Design last year. i actually made the chair but i never got a picture and although it doesnt look very comfy i can assure you it IS!!

20 October 2010


I have this for New York next year!! im excited :) im gonna do some practising shots in various places like London, Liquid, The beach, Sunrise etc just to play about. its gonna cost me like a fiver to develop film each time :( sad times

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