27 October 2010

Ceramics and Glass

Just some stuff i made  Ceramics and Glass workshop. The first picture is of a bowl thingy i made and its supposed to show the story of the owl and pussycat on the little circles round the side.. Round the top it should say "They sailed away for a year and a day".. i did this in wax and then dipped it in Honey glaze so i litrally have no idea how it will turn out. the base glaze is green, and the wax from the circles and the writing will (hopefully) resist the glaze when it is being fired! i have no idea how it will turn out! and the little cup thing next to it was just me playing with clay and glazes etc. Both the bowl and the cup have little bits of glass in the bottom which will melt and make a cool pattern in the bottom :) These are both really just experiments because ive never worked with kiln clay or glass before :)

This picutre here is just me playing with the glass really, The idea is you make a little ornament or hanging thingy and you just sandwich your design between two peices of cheap glass.. as shown! on the inside is various bits of wire, tiny glass shards, large glass peices and just other stuff thats allowed through the glass kiln. The whole thing melts and the top and bottom peices of glass make a nice smooth base and top for the design. The melting nature of the kiln process will make my design out of place but i dont really mind as its not meant to be anything!

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