20 October 2010

Monday project [4th october]

This was the previous Monday project. We were split into groups of about ten and we were given a banner and lots of vinyl. we had to design a banner that we would have to take to the streets and photograph in different places.. so initially we wanted to do something to cause offence rather than just pretty patterns.. we chose to go with politics, and came up with the idea of making a massive bank note, with a head shot of David Cameron rather than the queen :) we also put the amount as '-949,000,000,000' because thats how much debt we are in in this country. the barcode was just all of our initials and it wasnt the bank of england, but the Bank of Bullshit! the task was very tedious because of all the cutting with tiny knives but i think it was fully worth it!
We took our banknote to Ipswich town centre and photographed it in a small casino, coming out of a postbox, in the bank with the cashier handing it over (this one was brilliant), and coming out of a cash machine. ill try and find the rest and post them up here!

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