25 February 2014

New Greyscale Prints

Ive made some lovely new prints - straight from drawings from some sketches i created a few weeks ago. And in the week ive been told to experiment with colour too!! 

Well i love them :) 

12 February 2014

New hidden pocket designs

Just experimenting with some new pocket concepts.. I've got half a bag created already.. With half featuring piping because I change my mind halfway through the process haha! But that's the beauty of a toile :)

Here is a rough sketch of my ideas!

Kind of resemble an envelope which I like :)

11 February 2014

Original VS Innovative Design

A few little updates

Today i had my mid term review feedback. it was good and bad. well, more good. My tutor is really into my work, which is good cause shes pretty much giving me my degree! She knows my products are very well made and shes confident ill have high quality work - which is good - because i pride myself in my practiced techniques and perfected toiles. She also credited my love for design, and problem solving. This is true.. i love designing... from sketch to toile to the final thing, i love to work to a brief and solve a problem through design! This is more of a CV feature but thats great that at this stage she can see this so possible employers will see this in a reference. 

She also mentioned - im predicted 2:1, I can achieve a 1st in some aspects of my work but without innovative bag design she cant award me a first. i never really set out to re-invent the bag.. i just want to add to all the beautiful bags on the market! But maybe mine are too plain.. something to work on even if just for examples, if i can say ive experimented and then decided on the plainer designs then thats good research and better than just saying 'no i dont want to experiment because i want plain bags'


This weekend i had home alone - which meant i could sew throughout the night without waking my housemate!! Just about the only good thing about being home alone - very creepy

Ive been making these mockups for bags.Im not sure what kind of bags yet. clutch, leather strap, backpacks, weekender... im just making forms and thinking about their use after really. 
I made this first one here in large first, which i like but its too big for a day bag (too wide) and too small for a weekender. Then i made the tiny one.. way too small for anything.. though i love it cause its cute! Then - the middle one. great large clutch size and also a great size for a day bag. it fits an a4 file (just!) and will fit a tablet, small macbook etc. 
All toiles are made of calico and are fully lined, to best represent the final form and so i can figure out how its gonna be made! 
They are made by making two compartments exactly the same. they are sewn together at the side seams to create a double compartment-with-flat-pocket. it is a bit of a waste of fabric maybe but it looks good and its high quality and sturdy!

This here is the construction of a double hidden zipped pouch. the idea is there will be a front panal with more angles, featuring two hidden zipped pockets behind a fold. It needs alot of work - lets put it like that!

so... yeah i work in my pjs.. and there's calico EVERYWHERE in my room!! happy sewing!!

8 February 2014

Calico toile #2!

My second calico toile this year! It's so much bigger than I expected, but I'm making a 3/4th size and a 1/2 size tomorrow just for comparison 

It has two main compartments - each served by one of these flaps - and an internal flat pocket created by the joining of the two compartments, so a gap in the middle! Each compartment is big enough to fit the laptop case I'm making (16") and a4 files

There will be a leather handle so that you can wear it as low as your hips with the strap over the shoulder. I might also make a square one :)

Planning some more toiles tomorrow. Running out of calico and uni have switched their supplier to some cheap and nastily see through stuff. Feels like cheesecloth. Im sure it's fine for drapey fashion stuff but for the bag mock ups I prefer the calico quite form and tough! The best representation of the final fabrics.

I now have about 10 calico mockups. We will see what developments the weekend, and Mondays tutorials bring! 

1 February 2014

Calico Toile

This calico mock up is for a double compartment backpack. it is created from two oblong tote bag style forms, which connect with rivets and each has a covering flap, creating this double flap look. if you have seen my visualisations you will see how tartan and digitally printed fabrics will feature in my final designs!

Visual Journal

Got a moleskin journal. its great for scribbling ideas, without feeling like its a formal sketchbook, but at the same time, its an expensive moleskin so you want to make each little scribble a good quality!

Heres some of my scribbles for fabric repeats. these probably only make sense to me!. Basically planning a gold overlay. i plan to submit this moleskin as my 'visual creative diary' - but with no dates.. nobody needs to know i only got this at christmas! ;)

doodles doodles doodles

Beads beads beads!

I am currently adorning my cotton fabric samples with beads! I hope to have beads as a design feature for smaller items such as coin purses , pencil cases and luggage tags. 

Depending on the pattern, I may have to add beads once the product has already been constructed.. But these are just samples for now! 

I have a selection of clear, silver. Gold, bronze, glass black and matte black beads to try :) 


Just adding beads to one of my cotton sheeting fabric designs!

I intend to use these kind of designs of little items like purses and brooches perhaps, nothing thats going to get as scruffy and thrown about as usual luggage collections do!
Loving the matt black beads which you can see, just about, in this first image here.

Just an experiment, and the best thing is i can sit infront of the TV and do it! 

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