15 June 2012

This Summer

Unfortunately, this summer i wont be getting a job, as im babysitting my for mother half of the time and ive got holidays booked and other things everywhere, it would be so hard for me to get a job, so ive decided to give up on that idea, and just craft my summer away, attend a few craft fairs and work towards my big event of the year, Art on the Prom, in september.

We drove back to Nottingham to collect the lastof my crap from my student halls. 

My products in the NTU shop, Made. 

End of Year University Presentations

I have not blogged in SO LONG! I'll do a few summary posts then try to keep up over summer. I was hoping to blog at the end of every week but so much is going on with my creativity and crafts that i might have to do it every other day, to keep me sane and to keep me organised!! 

Here are my end of year presentations for Glass, Ceramics, Embroidery and Metal. Everything is set up in our own studio spaces. I dont know what my grade is yet because my tutor hasnt emailed me. Im too busy to care right now!! But i liked my presentations.. so here you are :)

Glass & Ceramics Presentation. 

Embroidery & Metal Presentations.

10 May 2012

Final Fantasy VII Painting COMPLETE!!

Okay so this has nothing to do with my degree... or my Folksy crafts... and i have my degree end of year assessment next week which i have a heap of work for... But this is my recent project and it is FINISHED!!

My boyfriend commissioned me to paint him a Final Fantasy VII painting and this is it..!! 

'Zack Overlooking Midgar'

The Feathers and the sword detail also glow in the dark! Its kind of like my new thing... this is the second large painting glow paint has featured :)

I also videod the entire thing and sped it up by 64x and made this video of the entire production!

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f682tUFgMh4

This just shows you how big the painting really is.. well i think this is pretty big!!

I hope to paint some more commissioned peices throughout this summer - Prices begin at £50 and go upto £200 depending on size and content - Please email me on xLouuu@hotmail.co.uk for more information :)

5 March 2012

Embroidery Workshop

I have recently been working on an Embroidery Module which i have been enoying very much.. Here are some of my samples and work from my sketchbook as well as photographs i have been working from that i have taken myself

My work is based around my hometown of Felixstowe. 

Last term we were set a task to concentrate on 'objects of desire'. now me being me, i made this quite difficult for myself and actually sort of ended up not thinking about an object of desire, just desirable places and things, my desirable place being a house by the beach, which reflects my Felixstowe Beachy hometown theme. There really are some beautiful houses upon the beachline in 'Old Felixstowe'.

I love the beach and i have a new found appreciation for the sea air, the fish and chips and the general tacky seaside hustle bustle now that i live in Nottingham City centre.

Mannings Amusements, Felixstowe

'PIER' thread work. I am developing this for my final peice; to represent the structure of the cumbling pier itself.

PIER in French Knots. This took me HOURS!!

Mannings Amusements..

The Pier..!! And my brothers.

"Transforming Felixstowe's Crumbling pier into a multi million pound mega-attraction would create a magnet
for visitors to the resort"

Felixstowe pier was blocked off to the public in the late 1990's. I remember, the pier used to have a huge huge red and yellow slide on it but i was always too scared to ride, and instead would watch my older cousins... im determined to find a picture!! 

Got to have ice creams at the beach!!!


This large painting was painted last summer and i loved it!! But it just didnt go anywhere in my mums house... so i put it up for sale and im happy to say it had been bought by my grandma's daughter so its staying in the family which is good news :D 

I have a few paintings planned for this summer; i cannot wait to get painting again, especially large paintings like these, bigger than one meter squared. YAY! 

12 January 2012

Some good news

Today i was informed i have won £10 beads unlimited credit, for a bunting necklace i made!! Cant believe i won; here is the post and of course the necklace, which is available to buy on my folksy. Links are shown below :)

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