25 April 2014

New toiles

I've been back in Nottingham for one week.. And what a week!! Mainly one of sewing til 2am every night! Here are some photos of my recent toiles :)

Backpack.. Well.. The base.. Which I love!

Cute purse... Love it!

Laptop case!

Makeup case with four compartments. Also made a larger toiletries one!

I've also made little fat quarters of lino printed fabrics :)

Well.. That's my week!

6 April 2014

New Edinburgh drawings

This week I am home from university as it's Easter week and all the workshops aren't open anyway! I am also doing some work experience which I will post about separately! 

I went to the range - love that place - and bought some lovely papers and inks and paints and brushes and all sorts! Spend about £40! Why to easy. Here are some of my new drawings. I enjoy doing a base layer in a watercolour basic detail and then waiting for it to dry, and going over areas in pen or ink. I enjoy going outside the lines and different ways of drawing, for example blind drawing or continuous line.

This is a drawing I made from my own photograph of the scot monument, from the ground. The composition isn't quite right, the colour isn't there either and you can just see way to much emphasis on the interior detailing which is essentially the underneath of the monument, but I still love the technique.

Here is part of the piece close up. You can see the texture of the paper in the brush strokes and also the pen lines.. I used a continuous line method which simply means I didn't take my pen off the paper for the whole drawing. My wrist ached so much! And some lines are thicker and more saturated than others.. Lines meet, which shouldn't, but it gives it a bit more life :) 

A blind drawing of a small part of the scot monument, I love blind drawing because you can't fake them really!

I love blind drawing! Here is a gravestone which was beautifully adorned with concrete curves and William Morris style vines kind of..! 

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