13 February 2013

Hand printed fabrics.. The samples!

Things are pushing too quickly at uni for my liking at the moment; I feel rushed into making a 'final piece' when really all I want to do is sit down and concentrate on making these digital pattern repeats much more interesting before I waste money burning a screen with a print that's pretty cool, but not my best work! Anyway - these are the samples for my first fabric collection.

For the next project I want to develop my frames print by printing without thimbles and also altering the sizes of the frames themselves! But I'm forgetting about that at the moment to concentrate on getting meters of these printed up and making some little creations :)

Here are my designs so far!

8 February 2013

The start of a fabric print

Lino cut - block printing using Lino & ink

Buttons print onto a screen ready for screenprinted onto a fine linen fabric

My first fabric prints are coming together! I have burnt one screen so far; from a drawing from my sketchbook of Buttons, in a continuous line drawing. I like this design because it combines polkadot & stripe.
The repeat pattern took me a whole day in the digital labs to produce so that i was happy with it. then i printed it onto A3 acetate and made my screen from that!

I have been away from university for this whole week but im excited to go back and get screenmaking again! Hoping to have all four fabrics printed by the end of the week, and maybe some products made. I think ill just make a cushion and a lampshade or something c: 

1 February 2013

World of Wool featured project

For my last project at university, i made these felt pods. It started as a feltmaking workshop, just making flat pieces of felt. I developed this technique and created some 3D shapes.. which then developed to be these little felted pods! They were designed for a brief called 'Inside Outside', and designed for placement in Centerparcs. They are made of completely sustainable materials and made in a sustainable way. I also dyed the felt myself using natural sources; plum skins, spinach leaves, betroot and onion skins. It was great fun and im proud of my little pods - And the company that provided me with the tops asked if i could submit a tutorial.
So here it is. Februarys featured project! They even put together a little kit for people who want to make it - how cute!!

There are currently only two featured project on the website. If you would like to apply to submit your own project, simply log onto the website and find the form!

A screenshot from the project page on the World of Wool website!

Click here to be taken to the feature project - How to make a felted pod
This link opens in a new window :)
Thanks for looking!
Louise x

Digital Sketchbook

Here are some of my drawings which i have created into digital drawings through the use of both photoshop and illustrator, through layers, opacity and also live trace. These are now in the repeat-pattern stage and i will post some pictures once designs are finalised of course! Im very excited about this.

Louise Richardson first four fabric collection - The back to basics range -sewing notions. February 2013!

Buttons which can work as both the stripe and the dot texture. Im thinking more fabric design in the sketch. Live traced on Illustrator.

Layered image of wax resist watercolour study of pinking shear line suitable for stripe, and my embroidery scissors and a thimble!

My mannequin and a small unusual button collection ive got going on..

This tape measure took me so long.. so so long..

thimbles! I like the different sizes :)

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