1 February 2013

Digital Sketchbook

Here are some of my drawings which i have created into digital drawings through the use of both photoshop and illustrator, through layers, opacity and also live trace. These are now in the repeat-pattern stage and i will post some pictures once designs are finalised of course! Im very excited about this.

Louise Richardson first four fabric collection - The back to basics range -sewing notions. February 2013!

Buttons which can work as both the stripe and the dot texture. Im thinking more fabric design in the sketch. Live traced on Illustrator.

Layered image of wax resist watercolour study of pinking shear line suitable for stripe, and my embroidery scissors and a thimble!

My mannequin and a small unusual button collection ive got going on..

This tape measure took me so long.. so so long..

thimbles! I like the different sizes :)

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