30 October 2010

Mixed Media

'Hope - Devil Sold His Soul' album cover copy
Henry Moore Shelter Drawing copy.. i love these!

Rope and Chains from Felixstowe Ferry

Monoprint of a woman on a chair

 Mixed media. i need to experiement a bit more, i forget how much i love it

So this week i went to Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach.. and these are the waltzers! i love the waltzers. theyre probably my favourite because theyre just eveyrwhere, every theme park you go to. i love the design on the side of the carts do. might do some close ups. but i love the way the whole thing of just looks so tacky and they dont hide the fact that the ride can litrally fold up at the end of the night. cool!

29 October 2010

Morbid, but i freakin love it. look at the cute little bird and all the lino marks that havnt been quite cut out.. inspired!
(just want to confirm i didnt make this, just love it!)

27 October 2010

Ceramics and Glass

Just some stuff i made  Ceramics and Glass workshop. The first picture is of a bowl thingy i made and its supposed to show the story of the owl and pussycat on the little circles round the side.. Round the top it should say "They sailed away for a year and a day".. i did this in wax and then dipped it in Honey glaze so i litrally have no idea how it will turn out. the base glaze is green, and the wax from the circles and the writing will (hopefully) resist the glaze when it is being fired! i have no idea how it will turn out! and the little cup thing next to it was just me playing with clay and glazes etc. Both the bowl and the cup have little bits of glass in the bottom which will melt and make a cool pattern in the bottom :) These are both really just experiments because ive never worked with kiln clay or glass before :)

This picutre here is just me playing with the glass really, The idea is you make a little ornament or hanging thingy and you just sandwich your design between two peices of cheap glass.. as shown! on the inside is various bits of wire, tiny glass shards, large glass peices and just other stuff thats allowed through the glass kiln. The whole thing melts and the top and bottom peices of glass make a nice smooth base and top for the design. The melting nature of the kiln process will make my design out of place but i dont really mind as its not meant to be anything!

26 October 2010

Product Design Textiles

So today my mum painted my hair a different colour. this counts, right?!?! no. But for my blog entry today i will show you a chair design and the cardboard prototype i made for Product Design last year. i actually made the chair but i never got a picture and although it doesnt look very comfy i can assure you it IS!!

20 October 2010


I have this for New York next year!! im excited :) im gonna do some practising shots in various places like London, Liquid, The beach, Sunrise etc just to play about. its gonna cost me like a fiver to develop film each time :( sad times


Im glad i did this workshop because i actually wanted to go to university to do graphics design, before i wanted to do a foundation degree.. and going to this workshop has made me realise i really dont want to go graphics!
This is The science of happiness - rule seven - excersize more
not a clue why it wont turn the right way up!

Monday project [4th october]

This was the previous Monday project. We were split into groups of about ten and we were given a banner and lots of vinyl. we had to design a banner that we would have to take to the streets and photograph in different places.. so initially we wanted to do something to cause offence rather than just pretty patterns.. we chose to go with politics, and came up with the idea of making a massive bank note, with a head shot of David Cameron rather than the queen :) we also put the amount as '-949,000,000,000' because thats how much debt we are in in this country. the barcode was just all of our initials and it wasnt the bank of england, but the Bank of Bullshit! the task was very tedious because of all the cutting with tiny knives but i think it was fully worth it!
We took our banknote to Ipswich town centre and photographed it in a small casino, coming out of a postbox, in the bank with the cashier handing it over (this one was brilliant), and coming out of a cash machine. ill try and find the rest and post them up here!

Monday project [18th october]

Every Monday we do projects that are a little bit more fun but still contribute to our foundation degree.. i just call them Monday projects because apparently they are visual studies but we do seperate visual studies on a Friday.. anyway, this 2-weekly project was to make a dog, actual size (adult, no puppies) out of whatever you can find. There were also lots of different groups, working, pastoral, toy, hounds, terriers, agility etc and i did a toy dog. i bought a bead wire childrens thing from a charity shop and went to the 3D workshops and cut off the wires, put green grass fabric onto the wood and my Pug from paper mache! i think it worked quite well :) he also has a little bowl of actual dog food!!

18 October 2010

Art on the prom 2010

Shadows when all work was pegged up at 10am!

Oil Pastel Boat (Ferry)

Candy Floss?

Felixstowe Prom at Sunrise

Flowery bench (Ferry)
Just boring you with some more Art on the Prom 2010 paintings. the boat in oils is the same boat as the photo below.. i made 3 or 4 of these and they all sold really well!

Felixstowe Ferry

im not a photographer.. not at all (although i am trying to photography workshop at college this week) but i actually do like this photo! i made a copy but in coloured pencils for Art on the prom.. i really loved it and didnt want to sell it! then i found out that unis only want to see foundation work so i may aswell.. and turns out my gran bought it, so its up in her house and still in the family, woop!!

New blog

new blog woo! im going to post some older stuff then start with Foundation work so here goes. this is the screenshot for mine and Gemmas Art At The Prom stall!! It was on the 5th september if i remember rightly.. and i sold paintings of the Felixstowe area as its quite beachy and it has its historical parts to it too. We both made well over £100 which just makes me want to start new paintings right now and get them ready to sell at next years stall!!
Underneath is a painting i painted in year ten.. so i was 14? or something? i love it and i dont really know why :P i think its the lightbulbs. i live with 6 other people so there is always broken lightbulbs ready to be recycled in the kitchen so i though id paint some :P the background is just one of my favourite bags from when i was little!

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