18 October 2010

New blog

new blog woo! im going to post some older stuff then start with Foundation work so here goes. this is the screenshot for mine and Gemmas Art At The Prom stall!! It was on the 5th september if i remember rightly.. and i sold paintings of the Felixstowe area as its quite beachy and it has its historical parts to it too. We both made well over £100 which just makes me want to start new paintings right now and get them ready to sell at next years stall!!
Underneath is a painting i painted in year ten.. so i was 14? or something? i love it and i dont really know why :P i think its the lightbulbs. i live with 6 other people so there is always broken lightbulbs ready to be recycled in the kitchen so i though id paint some :P the background is just one of my favourite bags from when i was little!

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