20 March 2013

Who im loving right now!

Okay so i have been a follower of Hannah Stevens since my Nottingham Trent interview. Her work is featured on the promotional goodies that the University hand out on open days and on interviews. Its got such great illustrative and handmade qualities - very quirky! So this is who im loving right now!

And she has just had a little sale, I have just bought this beautiful bag! Im going to use it at uni when all my stuff it in my locker and i have a massive bunch of keys - this little bag is great for my keys and my phone :D

Hannah Stevens - Created By Hannah
As you can probably see - the prints are very 'me'! And the combination of leather, linen and print are very clever :) Cant wait for the postman!!

13 March 2013

Finished Fabric Collection - Sewing Notions

My first fabric collection is complete!! I called it 'Sewing Notions' and it is made up of three prints.

One, a repeat tiny button which combines both a polka and a stripe. The second, thimbles and frames. And the third, lino cut button print placed randomly upon the fabric.

All fabrics are linens/cottons unbleached and natural.

I made a few large-makeup-case style bags just to show my fabrics on a 3D form. The project for me was not about the 3D design. These bags are something i make all the time for my Folksy, Etsy and Facebook page which i run alongside my degree.

I have also decided to brand my products as Louise Richardson Designs. This is finished nicely with a button printed label and also cotton ties on the labels themselves.

Im not overly happy with this at the moment i already run a business with my name in it and i think i would prefer one that is a bit more professional looking.. considering using a bird species in there somewhere but its a slow process!

Adding the selvedge to the bottom of the fabric.

The thimbles & frames print in black and white.

The makeup cases which i made! These are soon to be in a shop in Nottingham

The Button Prints

One run of the thimbles and frames fabric after printing. I only printed 50cm strips as i had five to do and not a great bank balance!

Fabrics all on display.

some of the branding

The branding on the cases.

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