13 March 2013

Finished Fabric Collection - Sewing Notions

My first fabric collection is complete!! I called it 'Sewing Notions' and it is made up of three prints.

One, a repeat tiny button which combines both a polka and a stripe. The second, thimbles and frames. And the third, lino cut button print placed randomly upon the fabric.

All fabrics are linens/cottons unbleached and natural.

I made a few large-makeup-case style bags just to show my fabrics on a 3D form. The project for me was not about the 3D design. These bags are something i make all the time for my Folksy, Etsy and Facebook page which i run alongside my degree.

I have also decided to brand my products as Louise Richardson Designs. This is finished nicely with a button printed label and also cotton ties on the labels themselves.

Im not overly happy with this at the moment i already run a business with my name in it and i think i would prefer one that is a bit more professional looking.. considering using a bird species in there somewhere but its a slow process!

Adding the selvedge to the bottom of the fabric.

The thimbles & frames print in black and white.

The makeup cases which i made! These are soon to be in a shop in Nottingham

The Button Prints

One run of the thimbles and frames fabric after printing. I only printed 50cm strips as i had five to do and not a great bank balance!

Fabrics all on display.

some of the branding

The branding on the cases.

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