5 March 2012

Embroidery Workshop

I have recently been working on an Embroidery Module which i have been enoying very much.. Here are some of my samples and work from my sketchbook as well as photographs i have been working from that i have taken myself

My work is based around my hometown of Felixstowe. 

Last term we were set a task to concentrate on 'objects of desire'. now me being me, i made this quite difficult for myself and actually sort of ended up not thinking about an object of desire, just desirable places and things, my desirable place being a house by the beach, which reflects my Felixstowe Beachy hometown theme. There really are some beautiful houses upon the beachline in 'Old Felixstowe'.

I love the beach and i have a new found appreciation for the sea air, the fish and chips and the general tacky seaside hustle bustle now that i live in Nottingham City centre.

Mannings Amusements, Felixstowe

'PIER' thread work. I am developing this for my final peice; to represent the structure of the cumbling pier itself.

PIER in French Knots. This took me HOURS!!

Mannings Amusements..

The Pier..!! And my brothers.

"Transforming Felixstowe's Crumbling pier into a multi million pound mega-attraction would create a magnet
for visitors to the resort"

Felixstowe pier was blocked off to the public in the late 1990's. I remember, the pier used to have a huge huge red and yellow slide on it but i was always too scared to ride, and instead would watch my older cousins... im determined to find a picture!! 

Got to have ice creams at the beach!!!

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