8 February 2014

Calico toile #2!

My second calico toile this year! It's so much bigger than I expected, but I'm making a 3/4th size and a 1/2 size tomorrow just for comparison 

It has two main compartments - each served by one of these flaps - and an internal flat pocket created by the joining of the two compartments, so a gap in the middle! Each compartment is big enough to fit the laptop case I'm making (16") and a4 files

There will be a leather handle so that you can wear it as low as your hips with the strap over the shoulder. I might also make a square one :)

Planning some more toiles tomorrow. Running out of calico and uni have switched their supplier to some cheap and nastily see through stuff. Feels like cheesecloth. Im sure it's fine for drapey fashion stuff but for the bag mock ups I prefer the calico quite form and tough! The best representation of the final fabrics.

I now have about 10 calico mockups. We will see what developments the weekend, and Mondays tutorials bring! 

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