11 December 2010


i tried to create wors with wax so that the glaze resisted the letters.. it worked here but when it was fired again it didnt work. It said 'They sailed away for a year and a day' around the top :)

Applying the paint, wax, slip and glaze

my finished pot. Featured circles: 'they took some honey and plenty of money' and 'The owl looked up to the stars above, and sang to a small guitar'

I recently took part in a three day ceramics and glass workshop. I chose to work with clay because i had never really worked with it before..
We had to create something that shows or illustrates any of Edward Lear's poems/limericks. I chose the owl and the pussycat and i made this cute little bowl. The little circles show the story.. i painted them with slip before it was fired, dryed it and drew in the design. then painted carefully with a dark colour, then rubbed it all off so it stayed in the gaps.. fired it.. applied wax so that the glaze resisted.. and dipped it in a green and honey glaze! it really was purely an experiement but i think it worked really well and my bowl now sits in my lounge collecting buttons and safety pins and that sort of stuff :P

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