16 April 2013

Project Development

Today i had a tutorial with Kathy, our head of the Decorative Arts course and a specialist in all aspects of Textiles & Colour. This happens weekly and sometimes i leave feeling stressed out and even more confused, but sometimes i leave feeling like.. okay you know what, i know what im doing!!

And today i came out with a whole new view on my project.. not good with only three weeks to go! So the screen i was going to be creating tomorrow; yeah thats straight out the window; instead i need to go back to the drawing board and draw some more little birdies; doing something more interesting apparently! I need to choose whether i want my birds to be all on branches, all in flight, all hunting, searching, building nests etc, so that i have something a little bit different in my work, different to all the millions of other bird prints out there!

I think this will take me another week, then i can create my screen and get printing!

Also digital printing is now unavailable as one of the machines has broken down and the other one is fully booked til the end of the year. woopsy!!

Ill write again when i have some drawings of my new work; hopefully this should help with colourways too!!

In the mean time, i am making a toile for a weekender bag in calico. I am using Amy Butler Weekender Bag pattern at the moment. I know its not my own pattern, but its one that i love and i know it works. i need to start with something kind of simple, something someone else has designed first so that i can understand more about pattern making. If you cant beat them, join them! For now anyway. I need to create this perfectly, including feet, poppers and piping, before i use the fabric i have created... Urgh i just know something is going to go wrong :(

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