24 March 2014

Updates! New business card templates and a few repeats

My business plan (disseration) is SUBMITTED! 30% of my degree is officially out of my hands! strange feeling.. but a good one. i can get on with some 3d work and not ever have to go in NTU library every again!! 

Here are some business card ideas i submitted. The idea is im going back to edinburgh to photograph my products in situ and those images will replace these current images.. I kinda like the lifestyle shot idea.

Im playing around in photoshop alot lately. my prints are based on my drawings, and they're usually kinda simple. my repeats aren't exactly complex either but i really like them this way!

Copyright Louise Richardson 2014 (c)

a little play :)

not sure why this has a greying background - the copy i made has lovely blue cups and a crisp white background

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