31 January 2011


 New Projects

My friend cassie got me a Keep Calm and Carry On poster for christmas :) i love it and its already inspired me to do other projects - it falls down because its so heavy so everytime it falls i draw it with all its folds and shiny parts and obscure typography, then stick it back up and wait a few days for it to fall again - and its inspired me to do these new earrings. The first pair are very obvious what they as are ive kept the design exactly the same (the oval ones) but the circular pair are an abstract version.. which has a back circle panal of a close up of a part of the typography and a crown on a smaller circle at the front. i liked doing the double design one so i think ill work on these more!!

keep calm and carry on

keep calm and carry on

keep calm and carry on - a more abstract version.

construction and colouring. keeping it straight.

Older projects

I recently made these earrings for my friend Jade. I had a more intricate and detailed design of a full dragonfly, coloured with pinks and purples and blues but it wouldn't flatten properly when it was shrinking so the tail fell off. This design was easier to shrink and is still kinda cute :) if i ever remake these i'll call these Jades Dragonflies :) My mums friend already wants a replica pair :)

The birds below are the first pair of earrings i made but unfortunately i put them in my bag and one snapped! ill have to re-do them.. i loved these earrings, apart from on windy days where they hit me in the face :(

Jades Dragonflies

Bird Tattoos.. im too scared to get the actual tattoo so earrings will do for now :)

I am always taking requests and although ive given these to people for free in the past ill make a pair for about £3 to cover materials :)

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