22 January 2011


Trimley to Felixstowe train tracks, Orwell High School crossing. Junk left, probably by the people who live nearby.

New Projects
..i havnt posted in a while so i thought i should probably update people with what my current projects are all about.
i was recently recommended to take alternative design, as its like product design (which i enjoyed at a level and my uni course includes some anyway).. turns out it is product design plain and simple :P well my project is about recycling and although these pictures dont show it, its going to be about recycling food and drink packets just because thats what i managed to find the most of..
I have lots of ideas in my head about this project and i often find myself scribbling them down on the back of reciepts and allsorts. i will update with pictures that fit my theme a bit more, soon! :)

Tyres abandoned on a farm in Trimley St Mary

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