10 February 2011

threeeeee dimensions


New ceramics project, even though the workshop is over soon and then we can start FMP. jewellery but clay charms for earrings, necklaces etc. ive got some cool ideas.. inspired by a clay stamp resist i made a few months back and scratched out designs from the slip. we experimented with lace and other fabrics today with the slip and it made some cool patterns that i want to work with more in the future :) i like that theyre floral, they link in with my natural forms/organic theme and also recycling because we're using old fabrics again and again rather than buying more :)

earring charms

Alternative Design

im using my found item, a bike wheel, for the base of my lamp. its coming together quite nicely. here is me trying to unscrew the spokes so i can fit little fairy lights round in the holes :)

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