1 March 2011

Negotiated project - Alternative Design

my project for Alternative Design.. which is much like Product Design, was to make something using recycled objects. i found a bike wheel, just the metal bit with the cool spokes and no rubber tyre. i took it home, and washed it, and have had thoughts running through my head ever since. but this was my favourite. also, i have always wanted to chance to work with metal and wire etc. Making the skeleton of this lamp has already inspired me to make wire sculptures as part of my Final Major Project, but thats another post :)
The idea is, to weave my homemade material through the skeleton of the lamp. i have attatched chicken wire and other peices of metal so that when i weave it through it should have an interested pattern and effect. i will litrally weave the 5cm thin peices round the whole thing starting from the bottom so im not making any special effects with the weaving.
Also, im putting fairy lights into some little holes in the wheel where i took out some spokes.
im excited!! here is my progress so far..

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