9 July 2014

New Sewing Machine

Hello again!!
This past week i have been without a sewing machine and it has been the worst thing EVER! It worse than no phone or internet! Ive been playing mario kart non stop. NOT very productive!!

So at the end of last week i visited Franklins, a sewing store in Ipswich, though they are all over the east of england. I looked at some machines, i went in with a budget of £250 for a janome.. and came out with a £369 computorised beast!! Its AMAZING! And i took in some leather to check it will sew through the thick layers i need, the same materials which actually broke my old machine.

You dont even need a pedal, you push go and it goes! theres even a button for 'needle up' and 'needle down; for turning corners, so you dont put your wrist out using the turny thing on the side.. amazing!

It has taken me a little while to get used to the fact the reverse pedal is no longer there.. or the foot pedal.. but its an adjustment im happy to make.

The brand - ive got a Britannia instyle 16. I was really nervous about buying a brand that id never heard of, and its not one of the 'top six' either, but im assured that this is a new product which is high quality and Franklins are replacing all the Janomes in schools with these, which does make me feel a bit better about it!

Ive also bagged reduced servicing costs for life.. Although ive been told this bad boy wont need a service for SEVEN years!!!! mental. Its better than a new car!!

Anyway, Here is a picture of my new machine!
Its a snapshot of my instagram upload.. oh you don't follow me on instagram!? Get on it!
Search @LouiseRichardson_
(dont forget the underscore) :)

And also here is the listing for the product, if you would like to know more!
You can part-exchange a machine, though its for 'disposal' so they only give you £30, or more in parts and accessories


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