15 August 2014

Creative Live with Bonnie Christine online workshop

Recently i have been watching the Surface Designs from Scratch online workshop, on CreativeLive.com
I had never heard of it before, it just popped up on my facebook. Being the newly organised person that i am, i put it down in my diary and set a reminder on my phone, and yesterday i sat down to watch the 8 hour live seminar, which in their time is 9am-4pm, but for me thats 5pm-midnight. Im totally a night owl anyway, so i dont mind so much!

This course is all about illustrator. Im a photoshop girl. I do things in photoshop that i should definatley be doing in illustrator. We got taught at uni by a woman with an unbeliebaly monotone voice, i never got into illustrator. Ive always had photoshop on my laptop (dont ask how or why!) so im just used to that. I really need to learn illustrator!!

Anyway - we just finished 'day two', and its just into the early hours of Friday morning for me. Ive learnt SO much i cannot tell you!!!!! I was doing all sorts of things wrong, even looking back at my uni work and tutorials where we are forced to use illustrator. I actually dont understand how this programme is free..

So i thought i would share with you my first ever illustrator work which i have created using Bonnies helpful tips. Okay so its super simple, and it took me about an hour, but im really happy with it!

We were set some homework, to think of a fabric collection theme and story, with some brief ideas for about 10 repeats. We needed photographs to work from, drawings in line form, and also some sort of typography. Well ive been drawings lanterns and edinburgh based items for one million months though, so for the sake of this i thought i would try something completely new. 

I currently work for Clarks shoes. Its actually really great, i get to meet lots of people everyday and i spent most of my day telling the children how cool their socks are and getting them super excited for back to school, searching for light up shoes in the stockrooms, and organising one million sale shoes! So i thought - what a brilliant place to start this idea up. I spend all day in there, im sure i can come up with something! Before i started, i was not a shoe person. i am a bag person, duh! but oh jesus help me im converted. This is bad news for my bank balance!!

So, today, i did my homework!
I have finished for the evening with this vector of one of my favourite shoes we stock. Its a brogue shoe, patent with a random fabric bit in the middle which is like a flecked woven material, with big bits of colourful material woven in. This post is in no way affiliated with clarks. I just love this shoe!

You can find more info about the shoe here: http://www.clarks.co.uk/p/26103980

And here is my image!

Thankyou to Creative Live and Bonnie Christine for this workshop :)

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