19 October 2013

Gold Lanterns

One of the things i loved the most about Edinburgh is their use of little lanterns. These could be modernised streetlamps, with solar panals and LED bulbs, but no, they keep it old school with these lovely little lamps. they were everywhere and came in all shapes and sizes. The most quirky ones were down alleyways, as the alleys have been extended to include business' over the years, and if you look down a really long one you can see batches of different lantern designs :)

This evenings i have been bondawebbing some basic lantern detail and using this lovely material i found yesterday. Its called Gold Microdot, and the gold and black theme will run throughout this project, as i think it reflects Edinburgh Royal Mile & Castle Hill so well!

using my handwriting again in my work


You can really see the gold that well here :(
Some more experiments coming soon! Need to get into the print room!

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