23 October 2013

Rhea Clements Design Intern - kinda!

This week - and hopefully every week after this - i am helping Rhea Clements, a local Nottingham based designer, in her home studio. She produces bright and bold knitwear her huuuuge and quite scary knitting machine! She products bags, fashion scarves, gloves, jewellery and much more! Its all really nice and properly made - so im proud to be helping!

We are in the middle of talks for a new photoshoot to promote some products. We have a few locations and 'set designs'  in mind but one idea which will involve natural wool and paint - im excited to get started! Ive thrown a few of my own ideas around and luckily Rhea is really open to suggestions and loves my ideas!

Here is a photo i took today of the table we were working at - so much colour in this room its crazy!

Happy little intern :)

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