17 October 2013

Teaching Bee

This evening i whopped out my sewing machine for the first time since i have been at uni this year.. and it wasnt for me! My friend Bee wanted me to show her how to make a leather pouch, as a birthday present for her mum. And as its me, we had to do it properly! 
Many people on our course have made lovely leather pouches but they didnt have a lining, which is great for beginners but i like to throw my 'students' in at the deep end. Its how i was taught and at the end you have major satisfaction that youve made something so awesome all in one day!

The leather pouch was created from leather scraps, Amy Butler cotton, a jeans zip and we also made a little tag for the side. Naturally, it was a bee. Bee used my bamboo tablet to create her little bee and we had it printed and ironed in in no time :D I do this everyday for my little business but she was super impressed!

Here are some photographs..

We used wonderclips to keep everything lined up! This part was where we sewed the leather and the lining to the zip.

happiness is a handmade leather pouch!

The Amy Butler lining choice. i think it goes really well :)
YAY! This has made me realise how much i love my sewing machine.. i really need to get some toiles made! 

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