19 October 2013

NoticeBoard DIY

Today i decide to create a basic noticeboard for my uni room. i have so many pieces of paper and notes everywhere that i need a place to store them!

I have made a few of these before, but only A3 size at the biggest. This one is A1 - 80cmx60cm (ish) so its pretty big!

I have a small uni room so i didnt want to get a big bold print. Just like the clutch bag sizing rule, a big noticeboard makes your room look even smaller, so i went for calico. I know most people turn their noses up at calico, and yes i used it from my stash which i make mock ups with, but i have a bit of a thing for calico at the moment.. its plain.. when im trying to think of designs this pin board wont confuse me.. i just sits on the wall subtlety :D Plus its going to get really colourful once i start stuffing bits of paper into it!

I chose grosgrain ribbon in white, to match the walls, and give the product a bit of texture. also the polyester ribbon can look abit tacky, especially with something as plain as calico! Then i got these lush natural wooden buttons from my local fabric store in felixstowe.

I also used command strips to attach it to my wall. I sometimes put a ribbon to hang it from then hammer a nail into the wall but i want all of my deposit back when we leave here in 7 months!

Im pretty happy with this! Might write a small tutorial. They are so easy and it only took me 45 minutes. 3M Craft Mount is also my new best friend :)

If i can do it then you can too :D

Tutorial will be written up for this one i think! So easy - and gets your papers off your desk :D

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