17 January 2014

Edinburgh Project Progress

hey buddy! a deer in a scarf, from the menu at the Carlton Hotel, EH1. Drew this when i was there for afternoon tea last year :)

working through slowly.. i do feel like im making prints for the fun of it. havnt really found anything which i love yet, which is a worry!

I have, however, decide to primarily digitally print my fabrics, and screen-print on top.. even saying this out loud makes me feel alot more relieved because to be honest, im pretty rubbish at screenprinting and im sure with time and practice i would be awesome (haha) but the thought of learning something all over again stresses me out.. especially the whole repeat thing. So im going to be printing gold tones on top of digital prints to enhance the prints in certain places. stress free, and a sustainable method of working for my future!

Lots more experimenting to do, and also considering creating some A1 drawings and using them. but hey.. who needs sleep? :D

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