28 January 2014

First digital fabric samples are out!!

The first eight prints of my collection! I say collection - I havnt decided quite what's in and what's out yet.. And I get a feeling I'm going to be using about 25 different prints!! 

I have so far printed onto cotton sheeting, cotton canvas, bamboo fibre and also a beautiful linen. All suit different purposes and products, of course, and I'm so happy that the cotton canvas has turned out okay because that's the main one for all the bags etc! The sheeting is too thin, and the bamboo is only for products which won't see a while bunch of wear, as it's super soft. The linen is perfect for smaller accessory items, as Long as it's interfaced with heavy vilene, which it will be :) 

I have included here two of my fave prints as well as the stack of eight. Eight more next week after some lino printing hopefully this week!! 


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