18 January 2014


Here are some of my first visualisations. I dont have any definite fabric repeats yet so i decided to use my drawings, both digital form and straight from the raw scans! i also scanned in my tartan wool and leather.. i kind of like the look here actually even though i havnt used my repeats yet! Strange what you do when you're bored then actually you like them..!

I am creating a bunch of luggage pieces with accessories. i hope to have a few big bags for my degree show as well as a large range of accessories, from toiletries bags to umbrellas! Maybe even some wellies.. we will see :)

 I want my degree show set up to be kind of simple but still have a good amount of products on show. Its about quality, not quantity.. thats for certain. you dont want your space to look overcrowed..! I plan to have a box shelving unit which i can stack loads of accessories into. that way, i can make an overwhelming amount which you can view, but in an enclosed space. then stack two or three big luggage bags on top of each other, maybe get a luggage trolley too!

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