17 January 2014

Product reviews

Being a student and everything, I do get a certain amount of money from student finance three times a year. Now.. I do think the whole system is flawed.. But that's another matter. I do spend most of my funding on products and materials for my course.. Which is great! I don't really go out that much so I can afford to buy good quality products, and since my achievement at art on the prom this year I decided that I'm slowly going to upgrade everything material/tool-wise that I own, so that by the time I graduate I'll be ready with the best tools to get stuck into whatever I decide to do!!

So.. As I buy all these lovely products, I have decided to try and review them a little bit, in the hope it might inform someone else's decisions on buying good quality products!! 

I am a firm believer in saving up and buying the best instead of buying cheap and having to replace.. This goes for everything.. From shoes to shower curtains! Yep.. 

I will make my first reviews in the coming weeks 

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